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sunday, fun day

This afternoon we went to a gun raffle at the Portage Revolver & Pistol Club with my parents. We are members of the club and Jake is in their junior rifle league, so it was nice to be able to throw some support their way. They were giving away a ton of guns (and cash prizes, too), but, unfortunately we did not win anything. We still had fun, though.

After the raffle, we came home and tried out our new pizza-making gizmo. Prior to using it, I was lucky enough to find this article on how to make it work even better. We tried the foil trick mentioned in the article and got great results. A couple of pizza-making sessions ago, I started making this dough and I love it. While it does take a couple of days to make, it is totally worth the extra time–the dough is so nice and airy. So, the new dough in combination with the pizza “oven” made the best pizza that has ever come out of this house. I guess I don’t need that pizza oven after all.