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snow snow go away

As Chandler Bing might say, could the groundhog have been any more wrong? I don’t think it has stopped snowing since he declared that winter is over. I have wonderful memories of last March where it was 70 degrees for a couple of weeks and I started gardening a month early. I guess that isn’t going to happen this year.

I haven’t been blogging much lately. Half of my posts are about movies or books and I have been watching a bunch of tv series on dvd so I haven’t had any movies to blog about. Also, due to all of the tv watching, I haven’t been reading as much.

And, on top of that, things are crazy busy at work, so we (Brian in particular) haven’t had any time for recreational activities. We are short staffed and have been trying to hire a graphic designer. We have enough work that we could actually hire two designers, but we’ll have to see if that continues before we commit to anything. So, if anyone out there is qualified*, please apply. We have a marketing opening as well, but we’re not filling that position until the graphic designer role is filled. This is our second round of advertising for the position. I hope we can find someone soon.

*And when I say qualified, I mean the following:

  • meet most, if not all, of the job requirements
  • don’t have a bunch of typos on your resume (there’s this thing called spellcheck–run it)
  • don’t apply through every means available–one is sufficient (rest assured, we will receive your application)
  • don’t call us, we’ll call you