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It seems like all we do is pay taxes (yearly, quarterly, monthly). I met with our accountant last week for our federal taxes. Due to our business, our taxes are due on March 15. I made a super early appointment this year, but thanks to last minute changes by congress, our accountant can’t even file our taxes until the end of this month. But, at least they are done and it won’t take long to get our refund once filed.

When we had regular jobs, we never received a refund (which is my preference), but since Brian has the graphic design business, we’ve been getting some significant money back mostly because the business is growing so we’ve been spending more than we’re making. Last year, we actually had a profit, but we were able to write off some losses from the previous year. I guess it’s better than owing money. As the business continues to grow, I’m sure our refunds will get smaller and smaller.

Anyway, this year’s refund is buying me a sidecar for my motorcycle. It’s going to be so cool. Unfortunately there aren’t any sidecar dealers in the area, so we’re trying to figure out where to buy it from. Worst case, we’ll be buying it directly from the manufacturer. But, they only sell for the MSRP, so we’re trying to see if we can get a better deal somewhere else. We need to do this now because the place I bought my bike will be installing it and once the weather is nice they won’t have time to do it (and I don’t want to be without a bike all summer).