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final appeal

Good thing for books and movies, otherwise I wouldn’t have anything to blog about. It seems like it was a busy summer, but I don’t feel like we really did anything. We did almost zero entertaining this year. And, with the exception of the bathroom remodel at our rental, we’ve been staying away from that kind of work in the summer. I did do a good job keeping up with my weeding tasks, so apparently that’s what I did this summer. I also canned and froze a bunch of stuff (and am not done yet).

That said, I finished this book yesterday. It was another one from Lisa Scottoline. It was all right, but nothing to write home about. This was one of her older works (I like her newer stuff better). Scottoline writes legal thrillers, by the way.
I did have some motivation to finish it up as the latest Sookie Stackhouse novel arrived at the end of last week. Though that book did not get good reviews on Amazon, so who knows how that one’s going to turn out? Check back in a week or so to find out.