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the weather

I know you’re not supposed to blog about the weather, but I have a valid reason for doing so as it affects my garden. Due to the extreme heat we had at the end of May, my broccoli started to bolt already and the heads on it are tiny. This has been the only negative thus far, though.

The tomatoes look pretty good–they love the heat (of course, now it’s cold outside–go figure). I tried tomato teepees in the past and didn’t get any tangible results from them beyond being able to put my tomatoes out a couple of weeks early. But, this year, I’m going to leave them out all year (rather than removing them when the weather is nice) to see if that makes a difference. It will definitely keep the ground around them warmer. We’ll see what happens. At this point, the teepee plants are bigger than the non-teepee plants and have more flowers.

Everything else looks pretty good. I still have to plant some cukes–something ate my plants and now a chipmunk eats the seeds every time I try to replant. Worst case, I’ll need to buy some plants. I also need to plant pole beans. Jake talked me into doing the “Three Sisters” gardening thing (like the Indians did, where you plant corn, beans, and squash together). I have the corn and squash planted and now I’m waiting for the corn to grow a little before I plant the beans (as the beans will grow up the corn stalks).

A plus side to the nice spring weather we had is that the CSA is starting up a week early this year as they have produce available already!