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While my official birthday might be today, we did our bulk of celebrating over the weekend. Friday night was the Polka Fest. We almost didn’t make it there due to the storm, but things let up and I was able to get my pierogi fix. On Saturday we had a Family Movie Night and watched The Muppets. And, on Sunday, Brian grilled up a delicious lunch and we ate on the patio. I got an awesome hammock for my birthday, but have not had an opportunity to give it a good test. Brian did get it hooked up on Sunday night but it was a bit too cold to be laying around outside.

I’m off work today due to a new “birthdays off” policy we implemented at Prime Design Solutions for 2012. Sometimes it pays to be a policymaker. I have nothing special planned for the day, though. I’m just getting caught up with some things that I have been putting off. But it should be a relaxing day nonetheless.