Saturday, December 31

2011: the year in review

Favorite movie: Without a doubt, Winter's Bone.

Favorite book: While I really enjoyed The Hunger Games series, the Sookie Stackhouse series has to trump them. I received all of the Sookie Stackhouse books for Christmas last year and read them in succession and then bought the new one when it came out in May.

Favorite music: 2011 was the "Year of the Foo" for me. I can't get enough of that band.

We went to Wildwood, NJ for vacation. While we did not do a lot of motorcycle riding this year, we did take an enjoyable day trip to Kentuck Knob. And, we finally managed to see some live stand-up comedy for the first time.

A few new business ventures were taken on--at the beginning of the summer we bought a rental house and I also launched my drinking/craft website, Everyone Drinks.

We like to know how to do things. This year we added canning to our repertoire.

Oh, and there was an earthquake in Johnstown.

Here's to 2012!

the living dead

I like zombies as much as the next person, but apparently not enough to read a book of short stories on the subject. There were a few good stories in  this book, but the problem was that many of the stories were only loosely related to the topic at hand. I started this book while on vacation in July and did not finish it until last week. Ugh. Of course, I read some other stuff in between. Not recommended.

Thursday, December 29

christmas wrapup

Judy and Dave came over last night for a Christmas visit. This should mark our last Christmas-related activity for the season. Onto New Year's...

We had a nice time sitting around and talking all evening. The dogs even behaved for the most part. Plus, I managed to snag another Foo Fighters CD and a bottle of wine, so we'll call it a winner! With four new Foo CDs, methinks it is time to get the iPod updated.

Well, I guess I have one Christmas related thing left on my to do list--I forgot send Judy's dogs' treats home with her, so I'll be making a stop at her place as early as today.

Monday, December 26

'tis the season

We spent a nice weekend with our families. First up was Christmas Eve. We had dinner at my parent's house (Brian's parents also spent the evening there). Afterward, we all went to the late service at our church, where Jake performed a Christmas song on guitar. He did a great job!

Yesterday, we spent Christmas afternoon at Brian's parents house with his extended family. In the evening, my parents, brother, and his girlfriend stopped over our house for a visit.

I got a lot of nice things such as: clothes, books, kitchen stuff, watch, cds, and pedestals for my washer and dryer that Jake and Brian worked tirelessly on in the weeks leading up to Christmas--that was a nice surprise!

The holidays are all but over, so after all of the food, drinks, and cookies, it's time to get back on the "diet".

Saturday, December 24


Jake and I watched this movie last night--Brian was busy in the shop finishing up a Christmas present (for me!), so he got a pass. Since I watch the television show which is based on this movie, it was interesting to watch it (again, for that matter, as I saw the movie when it first came out). While I thought the movie was good, I now understand why the television show is so boring--they basically took a two hour movie and based the first two seasons on it. Talk about slow-moving!

Thursday, December 22


This is the latest Stephen King book (or should I call it a tome?). I rather enjoyed it. When I first heard about it, I was not looking forward to reading it because 1. it is a time travel novel and I'm not normally into science fiction and 2. it is about a historical event (the assassination of President Kennedy) and I'm not all that into history, either. But, as it turns out, it was a pretty good read. It took me a little while to get into it, but at 800+ pages, this was not a surprising development. The time travel stuff was kept to a minimum (that is, it wasn't a book about time travel, it just involved time travel) and it wasn't much of a lesson in history, either (the bulk of the book took place in the late 50s and early 60s but was reminiscent of "It" and "Stand by Me").

Sunday, December 18

in concert

Last night, my parents and brother went to church with us in order to see Jake play guitar. Apparently he's going to be doing this every Saturday, so the novelty will probably wear off at some point. After church, we all came back to the house, had dinner and sat around the table and talked for a bit.

Jake has some additional performances coming up this week. He's in a choral concert at the school on Wednesday and he's also performing at one of the Christmas Eve church services at our church. This will be different than what he has been doing as he's going to be playing the melody while someone else plays chords along with him. At our regular Saturday services, he's one of a group of four guitarists.


Eh. This movie was ok, but nothing earth-shattering. The three of us watched it last night and I believe we're all of the same opinion. Just in case you haven't heard the premise, the movie is about this pill that can make your brain work at 100%. You would think this would be interesting, but ultimately it wasn't.

Tuesday, December 13


While I am not completely done with preparations yet, I feel like I am on top of things this year. I got all of my shopping done early, so that helped immensely. And, the dog treats have been baked and the Christmas cards were made and are in the process of being mailed. Those are my three main things. Everything else is just a bonus.

Sure, the house isn't decorated yet, but I hate decorations so we never do that until around the 15th. So, technically, I'm still on schedule. And, I still need to wrap gifts and bake cookies. I normally like to wrap all of the gifts at the same time, but I had to wrap my sister-in-law's crew's gifts last week because my in-laws were going there for a visit and they were taking the presents for me. I didn't have time to wrap the other gifts, so those are still on my to do list.

As for baking, I'm going to bake even less this year than usual because Brian rarely eats things like cookies and I have cut back on them myself. And we're not celebrating Christmas here, so we're not likely to see a bunch of cookie-eating people at our house over the holiday. Still, I feel the need to make something, so I will bake a couple of batches of cookies next weekend. And, Christmas gives me a good reason to make truffles--there's no other time of year I can justify the calories.

Sunday, December 11


It felt like this movie was a female version of The Hangover. That said, it was pretty funny, though I was expecting more. While there were a number of funny scenes in the movie, it didn't have any "laugh till you cry" moments. Some of the scenes were a little long. I think if the movie would have been slightly shorter, it would have been better. But, still, it was worth watching.

Sunday, December 4


Jake started playing guitar at our church's Saturday evening service. He is playing with a couple other guitarists and his first performance was last Saturday.

Of course, all of the grandparents want to see him play, so my in-laws (and niece) came to yesterday's service (my parents will be attending a service later this month). Jake is doing a great job and it's good experience for him to play in front of people.

Church is at a kind of inconvenient time 5:30 (it's too early to eat beforehand and too late to eat after), but I threw a lasagna in the oven before we left and we all had dinner at our house after the service. Maybe it's just the former Catholic in me, but I wish the service was at 4 or 4:30. That would be perfect.