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ron white

Brian and I went to see comedian Ron White, who played at the Cambria County War Memorial Arena last night. His set was excellent and the opening comedian was pretty funny, too. This wasn’t a rock show–as soon as the opening act was done, Ron started. His act was around an hour and 15 minutes–not very long–but every minute was packed with laughs.

My grandmother watched Jake while we were on our “date”. Since we got out of the show earlier than anticipated (around 9:10pm), we decided to stop at the Alibi for a drink before picking up Jake.

I like the fact that the War Memorial has been bringing in some quality acts. That place sat stagnant for so long. The new management is really doing a great job. Jake and Brian are going to see Judas Priest next month. I opted out of that one because I’m not that much of a fan and it’s not like the tickets were cheap. But two cool events in town in two months is pretty good.

But, I digress. Two thumbs up for a great evening!