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mother earth news fair

Brian, Jacob, and I went to the Mother Earth News Fair on Saturday. It took place at Seven Springs. We were hoping to hit up some of the seminars they had going on, but the one we wanted to attend the most was jam-packed, so we opted out. There were quite a lot of vendor booths to visit, so we did that instead. I was hoping some of the booths would have the info I was after, but they did not. I guess we shouldn’t have been so quick to dismiss the seminars. Though, they did have a nice bookstore set up inside and there were animals on display outside (including alpacas!), so that was all good.

Just as we were about to leave, Jake got caught up in some kids’ activity (against his will). Let’s just say that 350 did not help further their cause on Saturday.

Overall, it was worth attending, but I probably won’t go back for a few years (maybe when we’re closer to the goal of building our new house).