Sunday, May 29

the girl with the dragon tattoo

This was a pretty good mystery. A friend recommended the movie to me, but just last weekend, my (great) aunt was telling me how good the book series was, so I had intended on reading the book before watching the movie. However, I forgot to update my Netflix queue and the movie happened to be at the top, so guess what we watched this weekend? Oh well. I still might read the book but it's not as urgent now. By the way, this was a Swedish film so if you don't like subtitles, you might want to wait until this comes out later this year as an American remake.

Wednesday, May 25


We'll it's not my birthday quite yet, but my parents had us over on Sunday to celebrate my (and my brother's) birthdays. We had a delicious turkey dinner and then opened presents, wherein I received the worst present ever from my brother. He bought me a scale that I wanted, but the damned thing makes me weigh four pounds more than my previous scale. I guess the good news is that I still lost the weight I thought I did, but now I want to lose more so I can hit my "real" target weight. Damnit.

Monday, May 23


I've had an algae problem in the pond, so I thought I'd try some pond dye in it (pond dye is supposed to block out the rays that allow algae to grow). It arrived today so I mixed some up and dumped it in and now the pond is solid black. Methinks I put too much in. It shouldn't cause any problems, but you definitely cannot see anything now. So, in effect, it has solved my algae problem. I suspect with more rain in the forecast, the pond will turn a lighter color shortly. If not, hopefully the algae that is in there will die from lack of sunlight.

Sunday, May 22

painting & drinking

Yesterday, we spent a good bit of time at the office and started painting the outside. We got most of the rear wall done and all of the one side (with the exception of a few small areas that need to be cut in). It looks great. My only concern is the weather forecast--I'm not sure when we will be able to finish up. We need probably 3-4 hours to do the other wall. If we have any nice days this week, we'll go and do some of the areas we skipped. After everything is done, we have to go back and paint the trim, but that will be easy in comparison. Boy did this make us tired--we're used to sitting on our butts all day, not doing actual work. Even after a nap yesterday and a decent night's sleep, I woke up tired this morning.

Last night, we had another couple over for drinks, appetizers, and conversation. It was a nice evening to spend on the patio. I think we're going to be doing more entertaining like this and less "dinner" entertaining and see how that goes--it's so much less work, but with the same results.

Saturday, May 21

127 hours

Long time, no blog. Good thing I watch a movie just about every week, otherwise I might not have anything to say.

Last night we watched 127 hours. I found the acting and cinematography to be excellent, but overall it was kind of boring. I mean, there's only so much you can do with one character that immobilized in a cave, you know? The movie clocked in at about 90 minutes, so it's not like they could have made it any shorter. The part where the guy cut his arm off was pretty disgusting. I'm thinking they could have shortened that scene a bit, though.

Today is supposed to be beautiful, so we're going to start painting the outside of the office. Hopefully we will get a lot done because the forecast is calling for some sort of precipitation 11 out of the next 14 days so who knows when we will be able to paint again.

Saturday, May 14

the week

I got all caught up with my vegetable garden last week. Everything that is supposed to be planted is now planted. Whew! Of course, there will be more to do in the coming weeks but it feels good to be caught up. I have plenty of other things to do outside, too. First up will be weeding.

Yesterday was Jake's 11th birthday (Happy Birthday to Jake!), so we went out for dinner at Rey Azteca to celebrate. Jake's friend and his friend's mom joined us for dinner. The food there is really good and I still can't believe how cheap it is. As crowded as that place always is, you'd think they'd raise their prices.

This afternoon, we're making a trip to Toys R Us so Jake can spend all of his birthday money (which, evidently, is burning a hole in his pocket). And, tonight is Family Movie Night. So, the fun continues...

Wednesday, May 11


We had a Jake's birthday/Mother's Day cookout on Sunday. It was just with the family--Jake will have a kids' pool party next month. The day was pretty nice, so we did the outside thing. It was a little chilly, but not too bad. Brian and Jake worked like mad on Saturday to open the patio, so at least we were able to use it. It was an afternoon full of drinking and eating. Brian's dad brought this cool bottle of wine (check out the label). And my mom brought some homemade limoncello (yum!). Couple that with the extra wine from our bottling session the night before, and there was no shortage of things to drink! A good way to spend the afternoon.

Saturday, May 7

the book of eli

Continuing with the Denzel Washington theme (we watched Unstoppable last weekend), we watched The Book of Eli last night. It was a pretty good movie, but I was so tired from working outside all evening that I had trouble concentrating on it. There were some great fight scenes and it was an interesting story with some cool twists. I only wish I had been more alert while watching it.


We had a bunch of mulch delivered yesterday and got that taken care of last night. The three of us worked like mad to get things done before dark. During the mulching process, I removed the nonproductive blueberry plants and raspberry bushes. It made it easier to mulch, anyway. Someday, I will attempt both again, but not until I can put them in a secure area.

Thursday, May 5

minus one

Since I have been having trouble coming up with content for both of my blogs, I have switched back to a single blog. My gardening blog has been imported into this one and has been deleted. Since I had my gardening blog on my custom domain (, I'm going to use it for this blog now. It's not currently working, but hopefully it's just a DNS thing and will be up soon.

Sunday, May 1


I didn't really want to see this movie, but since it was partially set in central PA, I figured we'd watch it as a Family Movie Night (rather than the kids' movies that we always watch). The problem was that Jake ended up not being around this weekend (he apparently doesn't sleep here anymore on Fridays or Saturdays), so Brian and I watched it last night. Correct that--I watched it last night. Brian fell asleep 15 minutes in (that seems to be a recurring theme lately). This movie was kind of like Speed on a train. That statement wasn't a compliment.