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new obsession

Last fall had us thinking about buying a new house. While we were able to talk ourselves out of that idea, we have not been able to talk ourselves out of owning some land. It is doubtful that we would find a land/house combination that we’d like so that leaves us with building a house. I looked through scores of plans online and found a bunch that were really nice. Many of them were too large, realistically speaking, so I started scoping out some smaller houses (ones that are only a little bigger than our current house). I found this one set of plans I really like and the house is perfect–exactly what I’m looking for.

But, now we wait. One of the reasons we decided not to buy a house is that we’d like to get out of the Westmont School District (due to the tax situation). But, we don’t want to move while Jake’s still in school. The good news is that gives us some time to pull this off (or to change our minds). Worst case, our house will be paid off in December 2012. After that, we’ll start looking for a lot (actually, I’m looking now, but we probably wouldn’t be able to swing the purchase until the house is paid off). If we find some land, we’ll buy it and then start looking for a builder when Jake’s in high school, so we can move after he graduates. It’s definitely a long ways off, but that’s now the plan.