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tomato teepee review

As mentioned earlier in the season, I bought a couple of tomato teepees. I never did make a final assessment of them, so here goes. I started the plants in the teepees in early May. By the end of the month, the plants were huge–way bigger than the non-teepee plants. However, by half way through the season, all of the plants in the garden were about the same size. There was also no difference as to when the tomatoes began to ripen–all were on about the same schedule.

I must add that I removed the tomato teepees after Memorial Day, so leaving them on for the season may have made a difference. I’ll probably try that next year. Even though I didn’t see a difference in yield or harvest time, they were almost worth having just so I could get some plants out of the house as space is tight around here.

That said, I’ll definitely use them again next year. I’m just not sure if I’ll be buying enough for all of the tomato plants at this point.