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Lots of activity in the vegetable garden. We finished the last of the snap peas last week. They were good as always and I planted just the right amount so that we didn’t OD on them.

The garlic came out last week, too. It seemed a bit early to me, but it had to be done. Some stuff could have come out earlier for that matter.

I picked the first cucumbers of the year, and consequently made the first pickles of the season. I’m always looking for the perfect pickle recipe so I tried a new one this year. These were refrigerator pickles. I always do a batch or two of freezer pickles, too. I would like to find a good garlic pickle recipe. The ones I made today had garlic in them, but there was a lot of sugar so they are going to be more sweet than garlicky, I would think.

The gourds are growing like crazy. I think I have three vines and that was probably two too many.

The tomatoes and peppers look great, too. There are lots of green tomatoes (and I planted a ton of varieties this year) and there are a bunch of tiny peppers. We even had one of them in our brunch today (a cubanelle).

This is turning out to be a great year for gardening!