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not my day

So I woke up to a thumping headache (issue #1) this morning and things only got worse.

Brian took his truck to the garage to get inspected today. We honestly weren’t expecting any issues as we have spent a lot of money (like close to a grand) on the truck over the past few months. However, we ended up with a $600+ bill (issue #2). It’s to the point now where we’re thinking about buying a new car. If we’re going to be spending this kind of money all of the time, might as well have something nice to show for it–we’re thinking of an inexpensive sedan-type vehicle that gets good gas mileage (so Brian can use it on his sales calls). Of course, if we do get a new car, we’re going to keep the truck because we always seem to be hauling stuff (mulch, building supplies, woodworking supplies, etc.). We’re hoping that if we limit the truck’s use, it won’t have as many problems (and if it would need fixed, we could potentially hold off on it since we’d have another vehicle). But, we’ll see what happens with all of that.

I was getting the dogs’ paperwork in order for an upcoming visit to the kennel when I noticed that they forgot to give Alice her rabies shot when we were there in March (issue #3). So, I made an appointment for right after work today. In my haste to get out of the house on time, I threw a chicken on the grill and forgot to turn off the middle burner (for indirect grilling). Luckily, I was also making potatoes, which I put on 30 minutes later, but the chicken was pretty much burnt to a crisp already (issue #4). By the time I got home from our appointment, we’ll call the bird “well done”. Luckily there was enough edible meat for our supper. Oh, and I cut my baked potato in half to find out that it was rotten (issue #5). Thankfully, Brian shared half of his potato with me.

I’ve had a pond issue (issue #6) that has been plaguing me for a week or so (a slow leak that I can’t find). I intended on working on the pond after supper, but we received a call from the eye doctor that Jake’s new glasses were in (his old ones were broken by some kid last weekend at a school function), so I had to run there instead (I did work on the pond after I returned. I still don’t know if it’s fixed.). They also had a pair of my motorcycle glasses, which I wanted to get tinted (the glasses have photo gray lenses in them, but don’t darken behind my motorcycle helmet face shield). And, since the day is going the way it is, they could not tint my glasses due to the fact that they had polycarbonate lenses (I’ve been wearing glass lenses for years, so I did not know this fact). Issue #7.