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mulch day 2010

Yesterday, Brian got a couple of truckloads of mulch and we spread them around the side and back yards. This year, I extended the mulched area to also encompass the herb/fruit area of the yard. Yes, I now have a designated “fruit” area. Our neighbor even came over and helped us unload the second truckload. Thank goodness, because I was ready to be done at that point. It was so hot yesterday, but at least I can check this off my to do list for the year.

I did a bunch of other things, too: cleared the weeds out of the herb garden; planted broccoli, cabbage, Brussels Sprouts, and gourds in the vegetable garden; repotted all of the pepper plants; planted some more seeds in the house (I can’t remember which ones at the moment).

I found this greenhouse on Facebook the other day. It sounded promising, so I checked it out this afternoon. The place is called Matteo’s Herbs Galore and it is quite impressive. First off, I never even knew there was a nursery in the West End, let alone one this nice. They had quite an array of herbs, veggie plants, and flowers. But, today, I was looking for herbs. I found everything I was looking for and then some. I’ll definitely be going back there again.