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mother’s day

I guess I’m a little behind in my posts.

On Sunday we had everyone over for a combination Mother’s Day/Jake’s birthday cookout. I did things right this time in that I made all of the side dishes on Saturday (deviled eggs, baked beans, and Muffuletta Salad–totally awesome, by the way). Then, all Brian had to do on Sunday was grill up some burgers, chicken, and kielbasa. Pretty easy.

As for Jake’s birthday, he’s getting to drag it out for a while. Not only did he get to celebrate with the family on Sunday, but we also took him out for supper today to a restaurant of his choice (Eat N Park). And we held back a few gifts so he’d have something to open today. Plus, next month, he’s having a pool party at my in-laws with a few of his friends. He’s really looking forward to that.

Jake turned 10 today, by the way. Double digits. Happy Birthday, Jake!