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2009: the year in review

Favorite book: The Road. Under the Dome came in at a close second. And, Speaks the Nightbird gets an honorable mention.

Favorite movie: The Wrestler.

Favorite music: I thought it was going to be another bust this year, but Josh Homme (of Queens of the Stone Age) put together a band with Dave Grohl and John Paul Jones and thus the first release from Them Crooked Vultures became my favorite album of the year.

2009 was definitely less stressful than 2008, however it was not without its own kind of excitement. I guess the biggest event was me quitting my job and going to work for Brian. It’s really more of a lifestyle than a job, though. But, I like it.

We didn’t get much motorcycle riding in this year, unfortunately. No bike trips, either. But, we did go to Cleveland, yes Cleveland, for vacation. And, we had a really nice time.

I have a lot of grand plans for 2010, so stick around and see how things pan out.