Sunday, January 31

tropic thunder

This movie was a spoof on war movies. Specifically, it was a movie about making war movies. There were some funny moments in it and I thought Robert Downey Jr.'s role was hysterical (once they actually pointed out the fact that it was Robert Downey Jr. playing the role). Tom Cruise had a pretty funny cameo, too. I had heard about it, and kept waiting to see it, but didn't realize it was him until the end of the movie. This film definitely dragged on longer than necessary, I was pretty bored by the end of the film. Final verdict: if you're into ridiculous, slapstick comedy, you'll probably enjoy this one.

Sunday, January 24

the hangover

This movie was quite funny--the scene the day after the bachelor party was priceless and the photos shown during the closing credits were hilarious. But, I think the movie would be better appreciated if you have actually been to a bachelor party before. Brian was laughing his ass off the whole time, while I merely found some of the scenes amusing. Still, recommended.

Saturday, January 23

away we go

This was a good date-type movie. It had the comedy/drama/romance thing going on. We both enjoyed it. Considering the good reviews it got, that was not surprising. What I did find surprising, however, was just how good of an actor Maya Rudolph is. Having only seen her on SNL and considering the types of movies most SNLers do, it was a nice surprise. Plus, I do like John Krasinski (from The Office), even if he seems to be playing the same role in everything he's in.

Thursday, January 21

prayers for the dead

This was a pretty good crime novel. At times, I felt like I was reading Ed McBain, which is a compliment to the author, Faye Kellerman. The only negative, really, was that some of the dialog was forced. Really forced. The less annoying of the two examples was the main characters' dialog with their daughter, who is a toddler. I can't quite put my finger on it, but kids just do not talk the way the daughter did in the book. The really annoying example came from the "biker" characters, Grease Pit and Sidewinder. Seriously. As if their names weren't stupid enough, their dialog was even worse.

Luckily, the toddler and the bikers had small roles in the book so they didn't detract from the story too much. If you can get past them, which I did, it's a pretty enjoyable read.

Sunday, January 17

birthday begins

Today kicked off Brian's month-long birthday celebration. His birthday isn't until February 14, but my mom had us over for dinner early to celebrate--it was pretty much Thanksgiving dinner in January, complete with leftovers! Plus, he got presents, of course.

Normally we watch comedies the entire month of February since that is Brian's favorite genre of movie, but since we're on a roll, we're going to start that this week instead. I've got a number of comedies lined up in my queue and I'm looking forward to the change of pace.

there will be blood

We watched, and watched, and watched this movie last night. While the storyline and acting were pretty good, the movie definitely could have been edited down by about an hour. I mean, I left the room for 10 minutes to mix some drinks and then asked Brian what I missed and his answer was that two characters walked down a road.

While this was hardly the longest movie I've ever seen--it clocked in at a little over 2 1/2 hours--it just seemed needlessly long. That is all.

Saturday, January 16


It seems like there is always something to paint. Today, it was our home office. We did a coat of primer this morning and then painted in the afternoon. Unfortunately, we ran out of paint. Also, the room is going to require a second coat, so we won't be able to finish up until next weekend either way.

Once we started painting up there, I got all motivated to finish off the room so the painting of the trim just got moved up on the priority list. I'm also going to research flooring this evening and purchase some new blinds. Even though the painting isn't done yet, it looks way better than it did before. I'll be posting some before and after pictures once all is said and done (probably March-ish).

the jewel of the nile

This was a perfect Family Movie Night movie--one that we all could enjoy. No one's going to accuse this of being a great film, but it was enjoyable to watch. Though, there was a whole lot more juggling in this movie than I recalled. A lot more.

Sunday, January 10


I ordered some seeds from Burpee's this evening. I save my seeds from year to year, so I didn't have to buy everything, but I still spent more money that I probably should have. March is usually when I start planting my seedlings, so gardening season is not too far off!

mr. brooks

This was an enjoyable thriller. It had a unique plot, at least. Thrillers are my favorite genre of movies. I guess this shouldn't be surprising since they are also my favorite genre of books.

I noticed a lot of Dexter parallels in this movie. While that is not a bad thing, I wonder who copied from whom? Or maybe it was just coincidental.

I had two separate dreams about serial killers last night--and woke up to hear noises in the house and Buster growling at one point, which was disturbing--so there must have been something to this flick. If you like a good thriller, this one is up to the task.

Saturday, January 9


This movie followed two complicated relationships. While nothing redeeming could be found in anyone's behavior in this film, it was still pretty interesting. The movie was a drama, but it had a couple of really funny scenes in it--they made me laugh harder than I do for a lot of comedies that I watch. That said, overall, I liked it, but I would be hard pressed to recommend the movie to anyone.

Sunday, January 3

the 6th day of xmas

We finally got together with Judy this evening for our annual Christmas visit and exchange of gifts. I could be wrong, but it seems we usually don't get together until after the new year, which gives us something to look forward to after the holidays are over. We had a nice visit despite the headache that has been plaguing me this weekend. Plus, we got to meet Judy's latest dog, Saffy, who she has had for a year already--I guess this means we need to get together more often!

michael clayton

This was a pretty good legal thriller. The more movies I see George Clooney in, the more I like him. And, I find that he gets better looking as time goes on, though I can't help but to remember the way he used to look while on Roseanne. Not a good look.

Saturday, January 2

twin peaks: fire walk with me

Last year, we watched the entire Twin Peaks series. It was disappointingly so-so. But, I felt obligated to watch the follow-up movie (which was actually a prelude to the series) anyway. Not unexpectedly, it was also so-so.

Friday, January 1

locke & key: welcome to lovecraft

This was the first book in a series of graphic novels (aka comic books for adults) by Joe Hill. I probably wouldn't have bothered to check out the series, except for the fact that it was written by Joe Hill. Joe Hill is awesome. And, I'm pleased to say that it was totally worth reading. The artwork was pretty cool, too. The only negative that I can think of is that, given the format, these books don't exactly take a long time to read. Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to checking out the rest of the series, for sure.

new year

Some friends were having a party and invited us to their house for New Year's Eve last night, so we went there for a few hours. The crowd was a bunch of metal guys and their families. Things sure are different from the first time I met that crew--it was definitely a low key evening. We came home before midnight, though. We did watch the ball drop at midnight, but all three of us were in bed by 12:30. Still, it was nice to get out for a while.

Today, we did our usual thing. I got up this morning and put the pork, sauerkraut, and kielbasa in the oven, made some dumplings, and we washed down lunch with a bottle of champagne. Then, I took a nap and undecorated the house after it. In other words, it was a pretty standard New Year's Day around these parts.

Happy New Year everyone!