Sunday, October 26

the weekend

My weekend started 4 hours early on Friday. I took a half day in order to get some stuff done. Mainly, I was concerned about planting garlic in my garden. The weekend was calling for rain (though it didn't end up raining today. go figure). So, I went outside on Friday and worked in the garden for a bit. Prior to that, I put on a big old pot of chicken soup for supper. Mmm. I did some other things around the house that evening, but nothing worth reporting.

Saturday morning, I went to a pierogi-making class at the Bottleworks. It was fun, but I can't say I really learned anything (as I have made pierogies on my own in the past). In the class, we made the dough and assembled the pierogies, but we had to cook them ourselves (at home). I packed up the cooked pierogies and went to the office where Brian and I shared them for lunch. He was working on the kitchen ceiling all day. Looks great! I did some more painting--kitchen trim. Last night was kind of a blur, but I know I did some stuff.

Today was pretty productive, too. After brunch I went outside and wrapped up some things (namely, mulching the garlic; harvesting the broccoli rabe; and doing some general clean-up in the yard). After that, I did my usual afternoon "office management" work and then we headed to the office to do more work. Brian wrapped up a few loose ends and I painted some more (the kitchen trim is finally done!). This evening Jake and I got all of the treat bags ready for Halloween and I did some housework (there's no shortage of that in this house).

It was a pretty good weekend, but I didn't get as much done as I'd hoped (I never do). I guess I'll take tomorrow evening to get caught up.

Saturday, October 25


While I think George Clooney is a fine actor, I'm afraid this was not one of his better movies. The main problem was that the storyline was a little thin given the length of the movie (almost 2 hours). It was a period piece (set in the 1920s). All of that stuff was done well, but the movie just did not hold my attention. Sadly, not recommended.

Friday, October 24


I took this afternoon off work so I could do a few things around the house and finally plant the garlic in the garden. I normally like to do this mid-October (so I'm a week behind at this point). I was planning on doing it this weekend, but it's calling for rain, so today was my best bet.

I ordered 2.5 lbs. of garlic to plant. As it turns out, I could have gotten away with 2 lbs. (note to self). I still need to mulch it. I guess I'll save that step for the weekend. I had a little left over garlic. I think I might put it in the herb garden. I've been having trouble filling it with unique herbs, so this will help that cause.

Wednesday, October 22

pond winterization

After supper last night, I went outside to remove all of the leaves that found their way into the pond during yesterday's crappy weather. After that, I put some netting over the pond, so I wouldn't have to do that again. Closing the pond for the season goes in stages based off of the temperature. But, at the rate the weather is going downhill, we should be done with it soon enough.

Sunday, October 19

first frost

Today marked the first frost of the season. The area had some spotty frosts before this, but this was the first day I noticed any frost on our property. I guess it's time to put the garlic in.

Saturday, October 18

my cup runneth over

The grape juice I ordered from Conzatti's came in on Thursday, so now I have 4 batches of wine going! This is a personal record. I'm sure Brian and I will be sick of racking wine until all is said and done, but my wine racks are going to look good with all of that wine in them (they are looking a bit bare at the moment).

big fish

We picked this one for family movie night (last night). Brian and I saw it when it was playing in the theaters but some movies warrant a second viewing and this was one of those. It was just as enjoyable to watch this time as it was the first time. Jake really liked it, too. Tim Burton directed it, so if you like him you will definitely like this flick.

Thursday, October 16

20th century ghosts

This was a collection of short stories from Joe Hill. I did not enjoy it as much as his novel, but it was not a bad read, either. There were some pretty weird stories in this book. Very different. Not everything was horror, either. I'm still anxiously awaiting his next book.

Sunday, October 12

herb garden

We have sure been having some nice weather lately. I did not get to enjoy it outside until yesterday. I caught an hour to myself and finished cleaning up the herb garden. I harvested some parsley, which I will freeze, and some thyme, lemon thyme, sage, and rosemary, all of which I will dry.

In looking around the yard, I still have quite the "to do" list. Nothing major, but a lot of little things. I definitely need to take advantage of the next few days and try to wrap some stuff up.

fall get-together

Our friends Dan and Dani invited us over for supper and a campfire yesterday. We had some stew, sat around talking for a bit, and then headed outside to sit by the fire in the chiminea and talked some more. It was a fun evening. Jake had a blast playing with their kids (3 boys). Jake considers their oldest son to be his best friend.

The weather cooperated for the event, too. I'm sure there are not many more days like that left for the year, so it was nice to be able to enjoy one of them to the fullest extent.

Saturday, October 11


The dog trainer came for another session this week. As soon as Buster saw her, he cowered in the corner with his ears back. Nice. We could barely even get him to bark while she was here, which was the behavior we wanted to work on that day. Still, we got some good tips from her. I guess the promising thing is that if he can behave while she's around, surely he can behave at other times.

Monday, October 6

exploding celery

I'm #1!

end of season

The weather was pretty nice yesterday so I made plans to garden in the afternoon. I picked a bag full of peppers and then removed the pepper plants from the garden. I also did some more clean up in the herb garden, but it's still not done (it really got out of hand this year). I put away some of my solar lights, too, but I left the ones around the pond for now. I'll leave them out there till I fence off the pond for the winter.

I planted some broccoli rabe in August and it's doing really well. It has not formed any buds yet, so it's not quite ready. I hope it does so before the frosts come and kill it.

I guess the next step will be to plant the garlic. I normally do that mid-October. I only received part of my initial garlic order, so I ordered some more from another source. By the time it gets here, it should be time to plant.

Saturday, October 4

washington state wine party

My mom held a Washington state wine party tonight. I took a bottle of Shiraz from one of my favorite wineries, Chateau Ste. Michelle. It seemed to go over pretty well. I've been to so many of these parties in the past few years that there's not much more to say about them. But, I do really enjoy going to wine parties!

blazing saddles

I'm not sure what possessed me, but I put this movie in my Blockbuster queue. Anyway, it definitely had some funny parts, but I just couldn't get past the excessive use of the n-word. I know it was all in fun, but I can't imagine that a movie like this would be released today.