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Last evening, the second annual “Surf n Turf” extravaganza was held. This year, we did it in honor of Father’s Day. It was supposed to be a cook out, but we ended up eating in the bar due to the rain. I still had to cook outside, though (and it was pouring).

For appetizers, I made White Bean Bruschetta, artichoke dip (courtesy of Tastefully Simple), and bacon-wrapped scallops. For the main course, Grilled Beef Tenderloin with Herb-Garlic-Pepper Coating, crab legs (which I did on the grill), and ratatouille (the grill was full, so I did this in the oven). For dessert, tiramisu. Brian’s dad provided the surf, I provided the turf, and my mom brought dessert.

We had a nice variety of wines, too (one for every taste). I provided a prosecco and a red zinfandel and my mom brought pinot grigio. Surf n turf is a difficult combination to match wines to, but I think we did ok. Once we ran out of wine, I opened a few bottles of my own. But that was more of an after dinner thing.

Except for the rain, everything went as planned. It was a good evening.