Saturday, March 29

bee movie

I thought this was pretty good for a kid's movie. My attention started to wane about halfway through, though, because I was having trouble keeping my eyes open. Brian, on the other hand, only made it 30 minutes before he zonked out on the couch. I managed to stay awake, but not necessarily coherent throughout the movie. And, given the hour I awoke today, I don't think I'll fare much better this evening, either. Jake really enjoyed the film and is anxiously awaiting next month's "Family Movie Night" and that's all that really matters.

Sunday, March 23


Regardless of what my previous post says, I was supposed to plant my pepper seeds last weekend. But, since I had it in my head that this weekend was the time, that's when it got done.

I did one flat of bell peppers (California Wonder Bell) and another split between Italian frying, jalapeno, and Hungarian hot wax. That might sound like a lot, but I share with my mom and Brian's dad. I cut back on my pepper varieties a little bit this year and planted more of ones I use a lot of. As coincidence would have it, last week I just finished up the last of my frozen bell peppers from last year. I like to chop them up and freeze them in a large zip-top bag. Then, I can just take out what I need when I need it and not have to eat any of those darned pesticides found in store-bought peppers.

easter sunday

The day started off earlier than I would prefer--around 5:30am. We got up and went to the 6:30am sunrise service at our church. After that, we came home and grabbed a bite to eat for breakfast, read the newspaper, etc. Then, it was time to get to work. We headed upstairs to do our respective Prime Design Solutions work. Mine (office management type stuff) always takes longer than I give it credit for, so I didn't finish up for 2 hours. By that point, it was almost time to leave to pick up my grandmother and go to my parent's for Easter dinner.

We had a nice dinner, but had to cut out a little earlier than usual (thanks to Buster). Brian drove, so I caught a couple of Z's on the trip home. After we got home, we all did our thing for a little while and then headed to Coleman Avenue to work on the building. We were only there for an hour, but I feel like we're seeing some progress finally.

This evening, I got to do some gardening. But, now I'm just relaxing a few moments before I go to bed.

Saturday, March 22

the dawgz

pre-easter dinner

Brian's parents invited us over for an early Easter dinner this evening. My parents, Brian's grandmother, and our niece were also there. We had a nice dinner along with some good wine--if you're a red wine lover, check out the red wine blend from Menage A Trois--you won't regret it! Jake, who stayed at the Law's the past two nights, decided to go home with my parents, so here we are alone at home again. We won't be having an evening out, though, because we're going to the sunrise service at our church tomorrow morning (at 6:30am). I figure Buster has us up at 5:30am anyway, so might as well go to church. The alternative is to go to the later service which lasts FOREVER on Easter and is jam-packed. But, since we now don't have to get Jake up at that ungodly hour, it's probably worth the effort to go to the earlier service.

Thursday, March 20


I wasn't in the mood to cook supper tonight, so we went to the Johnstown Brewing Company for dinner. We all just had sandwiches, but they were good. And, I have leftovers for my lunch tomorrow, so at least I don't have to worry about figuring out what I'm going to pack in it. I'm not a beer drinker, but I had a sip of what Brian was drinking (an American Pale Ale) and it was pretty tasty. This was the best idea I had all week.

Wednesday, March 19

the un-update

Just checking in. Nothing has been going on here. Seriously. My life completely revolves around three things: my new job, the puppy, and Brian's business.

It's not that my new job is requiring overtime or anything. But, I have to get up earlier than I did before in order to show up in the office by 8am. Due to that, I'm also going to bed a little earlier. And, I get off work later than previously since I now take a lunch break. So, all told, I'm probably losing around 2 hours a day just because of my new job.

Then there's the puppy. What a little time waster! He sleeps a lot during the day for Brian, but by mid afternoon, he's raring to go. And, since Brian has to watch the puppy all day, I watch him in the evenings. He usually doesn't settle down until around 8:30 and it's nearly impossible to get anything done while you are watching him. This evening, I actually made Jake do some of my work (vacuuming). Not a bad trade-off, if you really think about it. Of course, Buster won't be a puppy forever, so I'll at least get this part of my life back someday soon (in a year or less if I'm lucky).

As for Brian's business, that's another story. I've been doing the books and a few other administrative things for him, so that takes up a few hours of my time on the weekends and a little during the week, too. But, I actually enjoy doing this type of work--it's a nice change of pace. And, given my ultimate goal of eventually working full-time for Brian, it's a step in the right direction. But, the real time sucker is the building we just bought. It needs so much work and there's so little time. I need to sit down tonight and make up a schedule to see what we're up against. That way, we can plan what little extra time we have, accordingly.

So, while things are much busier than I'd like right now, once we get over a few humps, it will be smooth sailing.

Thursday, March 13

a quick building update

I was hoping for an April 1st opening, but that's not going to happen. The April 1 date was more wishful thinking on my part than anything else. The electrical work scheduled for the building needs to be done before Brian can take occupancy. So far, most of the supplies for that project have been purchased, but the work has not been started yet. Since it's almost the middle of the month, this pretty much eliminates the April 1st opening. So, now I'm shooting for May 1.

We've gone over there to work a few times. There's still much to do. I'm holding off on the painting until the electrical work is roughed in (just in case any wall damage is incurred). We've started cleaning and patching the walls/ceilings, but only one room is completely done. Everything always takes longer than you'd think...

We ran into one bad thing so far. There is oak flooring throughout the building. It is currently covered under carpeting. Well, the room that is going to be the reception area apparently had some water damage at some point and a large area of the floor was replaced with particleboard. Yikes! So, that's one more thing that needs to be addressed. We'll probably end up putting laminate flooring in that room (like we're going to do in the bathroom and kitchen). I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the two office floors are intact.

Sunday, March 9

it's a no go

Given that my planting area looks like this, it's no surprise that I didn't get any planting done this weekend, either. I guess I've resigned myself to buying broccoli and Brussels sprouts plants this year. I can justify this by saying that I run out of room under my grow lights, anyway (due to the large amount of tomato and pepper plants), so this will help the cause. Plus for whatever reason, my broccoli and Brussels sprouts always turn out spindly (though the plants have always produced well nonetheless), unlike my tomato and pepper plants.

That said, I don't have to plant peppers for two more weeks, so this will give me next weekend to clean up the planting area and the following weekend to actually plant something.

Saturday, March 8

buster update

Buster has earned many nicknames in his stay at our house: Peedro Morales, Dick Trickle, P. Shitty, Snarls Barkley, Buster Maniac, and Sir Barks-A-lot. This should tell you all you need to know about his demeanor and behavior. But, if you want the details, read on.

Actually, he's doing pretty well with the house training--he's down to only peeing in the house. We have some days where he doesn't have any accidents and other days when he has a few. You can almost guarantee an accident if we all have to leave the house for something. But, given his age, this is forgivable. He's not yet telling us when he has to go outside and this is a large contributor to the accident issue.

He's been sleeping through the night for a week or two now. When I say this, I mean that he usually doesn't get up until Brian's alarm clock goes off at 5:45-ish, except on weekends, when he normally wakes sometime in the 6am hour.

My little photo experiment didn't pan out quite like I had hoped--it's near impossible to get a consistent shot of the dog. But, the photos are still interesting to look at, I think. You can definitely see a change in him from week to week.

Since I am now working in an office, Brian has the honor of taking care of Buster all day. Due to Brian's diligence, Buster already knows a few commands, such as 'sit' and 'drop it'. 'Leave it', 'off', and 'don't bite' are works in progress. Unfortunately, this is taking up a lot of Brian's time, which is already scarce. At least there's a light at the end of the tunnel--he'll be moving into the new office soon and won't have to deal with a puppy all day.

Buster's biggest issue at this point is when he turns into the "Buster Maniac" in the evenings. The evenings are when he lets off all of his pent up energy. It seems that he just can't get enough exercise and we just have to deal with his craziness for two hours each night. If you've ever seen the movies 28 Days Later or 28 Weeks Later you'll have some idea of how he acts--kind of like a puppy on the rage virus. Hopefully with training, exercise and age, he will outgrow this behavior.

Friday, March 7

grandma was right

I always give my grandmother some garlic from my harvest. She always keeps it in the fridge. I didn't think you were supposed to store garlic in the fridge, so I kept mine in the shop (aka garage). Every spring, her garlic was still good, while mine was dried out. Last year, I wised up and kept my garlic in the fridge. Guess what? This year, I still have some garlic that is good.

Lesson to be learned: listen to your grandmother.

Sunday, March 2

my new gardening blog

I decided to start a gardening blog in order to keep better track of my gardening/landscaping efforts. I've been keeping a paper journal for a few years now, but find it hard to update with the information I need to keep track of (that is, I never get around to doing so). Plus the electronic version is searchable, so how can you beat that?

This probably won't be of much interest to you unless you garden, but I figured I'd put it out there for anyone who might do just that.

time to garden!

I started off the gardening season by taking an inventory of my seeds. I suspected that I had all that I needed, but wanted to double-check. I've been saving my seed packets from year to year and have been ordering seeds at the end of the season (whenever I plan the next year's garden), so, as it turned out, I had more than enough. I've not had any germination issues with old seeds (yet), so this year I have quite a nice variety of vegetables to plant.

I spent the rest of the evening figuring out my gardening schedule for the year. My schedule has become more complex since I have started growing a lot of my own plants from seed, but scheduling is something that has always needed to be done. I was looking at last year's schedule, only to find out that I was supposed to plant stuff today! I guess I know what I'll be doing this week...

the invisible

This movie was about a high school kid who gets beaten up and left for dead. He finds himself in a dimension between life and death--he can see everyone, but can't be seen by anyone (it did remind me a little of Sixth Sense). We both thought it was a pretty good story. The entire movie was engaging--there was not one extraneous scene in the entire film. I'm not sure how I'd classify the film, it definitely was not a horror flick or a thriller. I guess it was just an old-fashioned drama. I like a film with a good storyline and this one definitely had that.