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qotsa: live

Last night we headed to the Pittsburgh area to go to a concert. I learned an important lesson: never drive to Pittsburgh at sunset. The sun was a huge, glowing ball of fire in the sky and I thought my eyes were going to melt. I’ve never seen anything like that before and hope to never see anything like that again. I’m surprised I can see anything today.

Anyway, Jake got to attend his first rock concert last night. Queens of the Stone Age played at the Carnegie Music Hall of Homestead, which was a really cool venue. We normally arrive at concerts late, in order to skip the opening acts, but Dax Riggs was the first band of the night and we wanted to catch his set. Dax used to sing for an incredible metal band called Acid Bath. They broke up years ago. He’s had a few other projects since then, but now he’s performing as a solo artist. We don’t like his solo stuff as much as Acid Bath, but it was still interesting to see him play. The second band, Howlin’ Rain, is the reason we normally skip the opening acts. Not so good.

QOTSA definitely made it worth the trip, though. It was a perfect show. They are a great bunch of musicians and we couldn’t have taken Jake to a better first concert. Our seats were in the balcony and we were probably 20 feet from the band. I’ve never had better seats than that at a show, that’s for sure. It was a pretty tame crowd, too, so no problems there. Brian brought his camera along just in case the venue allowed it. He got lucky, so here are some pics from the concert. Enjoy!