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i quit

Today, I got to do something that I rarely get to do–I quit my job. As previously mentioned, the shit hit the fan at work two weeks ago. After thinking about the situation (otherwise known as chewing-Brian’s-ear-off-on-the-subject-for-seven-straight-days), I decided it would be in my best interests to find a new employer.

Last Thursday night, I came upon an ad for a telecommuting healthcare software developer. If there’s one thing I am, it’s a telecommuting healthcare software developer. So, I decided to apply for the job. I sent my resume out Friday morning and a little while later, I received a call from the software development manager for the company. We talked for a bit. Things went pretty well. A bit later, one of the software development leads gave me a call. We set up a meeting for later that day. That meeting went really well, too. So, that weekend, rather than chewing Brian’s ear off about my company, I got to talk about the new company instead.

I was contacted by another software development lead on Tuesday and we set up a meeting for late Wednesday afternoon. Wednesday evening, the software development manager called and offered me the job. I had to give it some thought because the benefits/compensation weren’t exactly what I was after. But, after further consideration, I decided to take the job. I think it’s going to work out pretty well, actually.

So, I turned in my two week’s notice today. My new job will start on February 19. I’m looking forward to it.