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you have a young look to you

That’s what he said.

So, I made my monthly trip to the liquor store today to stock up on essentials. Luckily, the girl from last month wasn’t there so I didn’t have to justify my purchases. There was an older gentleman working this evening and I got carded. After seeing my ID he said “That’s what I thought, but you have a young look to you.” I thanked him and we proceeded with the purchase.

Of course, I was wearing a “Cookie Monster” t-shirt. In my quest to be carded once for each year I’m on the planet–for as long as possible–some concessions have to be made. (Hell, in a few years, I might have to dye my hair once a year just so I can keep the numbers going.) At least I can cross “36” off the list. I got that one out of the way early. Back to my point…when I was younger, I found that the way you are dressed when you go to the liquor store determines whether or not you get carded. When I was around 22, if I would go to the liquor store all dressed up in my work clothes, I would never get carded, but throw on some cut-off shorts and an old t-shirt and that would all but guarantee and ID check.

Stay tuned for more from the “liquor store chronicles” next month…