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happy easter

This morning I was planning on getting up at 8am, but Jake had other ideas. He awoke at 7am, came into our bedroom and said that the Easter Bunny hadn’t left him anything. Of course, he went no further than his bedroom before he made this determination. Brian told him to check the dining room. Jake did and found his basket and a bunch of hidden eggs. He reported back to us that indeed, the Easter Bunny had visited after all. And, he surmised that the Easter Bunny was probably afraid to go in his bedroom because Lizzy was sleeping in there. Makes sense to me.

A little while later, he yelled for Brian to come and check something out. It turns out that darned Easter Bunny left some candy wrappers and a box that contained a toy motorcycle (that was in Jake’s Easter basket) in our garbage can. So, apparently he assembled the basket here, too. Lazy rabbit!

After all of this excitement, we went to church. We’re getting smarter in our old age and actually got there when there were still seats left. After church we came home, got changed, and gathered up some stuff to take to my parent’s where we spent the afternoon eating too much food. And what do you do when you’ve spent the afternoon eating too much? Well, apparently you go home and eat some more. At least that’s what I did.