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happy birthday, ivah

It was a birthday kind of weekend. Today, we went to Brian’s parent’s house to celebrate his mother’s birthday (which is tomorrow). Jake and I got to play with the puppy, which was cool. Maddie is about three times bigger than the last time I saw her. That’s the cool thing about big dogs–you can just sit around and watch them grow. As an added bonus, I got my birthday gift today (my birthday is in June). While we were eating dinner, I was telling Brian’s dad about all of the vegetables I’ve been planting. Brian’s mom abruptly ran upstairs, grabbed a box, put it on the table and said it was my birthday gift. Everyone broke into the “Happy Birthday” song. It was kind of weird. Anyway, the gift was cool–it was a miniature planting tool set complete with tote bag. This will be perfect for my indoor gardening (which is why I was given the gift today).