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yoga, finally

After almost a year of procrastinating, I finally got to do yoga today. No, I was not finally able to buy an hour of time. Rather, I have weekly meetings with our India group (at work) that I am required to attend, and today’s meeting started 90 minutes before I usually start work. So I finished up a bit early today and was able to squeeze in an hour of yoga before Jake got home from school. Since it was not a “yoga with dogs” tape that I was watching, I had to put Lizzy in her crate because she wouldn’t stop licking my face. It went alright, but I am nowhere near flexible, so there were some things I couldn’t do. There’s a yoga show on Oxygen every morning. I taped a few episodes of that, so I think I’ll try that next time and see if it goes better. Anyway, I kind of liked it. I think I fell asleep at the end for a few minutes during the meditation portion. I felt pretty good when I was done, so we’ll see how it goes next time. One thing I did learn is that it’s harder than it looks. I knew I wouldn’t be able to do a lot of the stretchy things, but what I didn’t know is that your body gets a little workout. I suppose this is a good thing, though.