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family guy presents stewie griffin: the untold story

We are recent converts to the Family Guy phenomena. I never watched the show, much less heard of it, before this year. This is probably due to its timeslot–Sunday nights at 9pm. Normally, I can be found watching whatever HBO Original Series is on. Anyway, the show is ridiculously funny and I especially love all of the pop culture references in it (whether archaic or not). I’m sure we’re missing a lot of the jokes, but it’s funny anyway. Since we’re a few years behind on the series, we’ve been renting them from Blockbuster. While doing the search for the show, the Family Guy movie came up. I had it on my list for a long time before we got it, but it was definitely worth the wait. It was less movie-like and more like and extended version of the show. So, like the show, it was ridiculously funny. If you like Family Guy, it’s definitely worth checking out.