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bathroom remodel: days 22 & 23

Check another thing off the list! The past two evenings were spent replacing the old outlet and adding an additional one. This involved cutting seven holes in the wall so that the new cable could be run. Ugh. I guess I will never be done with patching the walls. Luckily, the area that we cut into will be hidden by the vanity so I guess I don’t really even need to fix it, but I’m far way too anal retentive to leave a bunch of holes in the wall.

I also did a little patching of the walls the past two evenings. I think those walls are just about ready. I need to prime before this weekend’s planned project of installing the tub surround, so they better be ready soon.

One one hand, it seems like things are rolling along. On the other hand, I know we still have a ton of work to do. I guess if we keep chipping away, it’ll be done eventually.