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bathroom remodel: day 19

We did a little work this afternoon/evening. Brian installed our new ceiling light and removed the old exhaust fan and plugged the hole (since we are putting the new fan in a different location). I did some drywall patching. A few more coats of drywall compound and I should be done. I also caulked around the baseboard tiles–again–I just can’t get that to look how I’d like it to.

I think we’re both convinced that the toilet is working properly. However, the stupid flushing mechanism is broken so we can’t use it anyway. The chain that connects to the handle to the mechanism apparently detached itself and got flushed down the toilet. We don’t have a spare chain on hand and neither of us felt like running to the hardware store today so the toilet is out of commission for now. I might try rigging something up if I can find something that will work.

I think we’re mostly going to take the week off and catch up on other stuff around the house.