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I have found pepper nirvana and it is called ground chipotle pepper. It makes everything taste good. Especially bean dips. This evening, Brian and I consumed a recipe of hummus containing some of the aforementioned ingredient. Any time Brian eats a half a recipe of bean dip, you know it’s a good recipe.

On another note, I tried drying some cayenne pepers in my microwave today. Previously, I have dried them in my oven with good results, but I didn’t want to turn on the oven for just a couple of peppers. After reading this story a while ago, I should’ve known better than to try another method. My results were much the same. However, I was only doing a test run of two peppers, yet it nearly killed us. I put them in the microwave for 20 seconds. About half way through, one of them popped. I thought that maybe I should put a slit in them so that the popping would not occur. I opened the microwave half way though the cooking time and pepper gas wafted through the house. We were able to dissipate the gas by opening some windows and turning on some fans. I ended up stringing up the peppers and hanging them in the kitchen to dry. So far, so good.