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first day of school


Jake’s first day of kindergarten was today. Brian managed to work at home so he could see him off. I was already working at home. Pappy Law also stopped by. The bus was 15 minutes late, though I was warned that the buses tend to run late the first two weeks. Neither Brian nor I were sad to see him go to school. Maybe it’s because he’s been in daycare for the past few years. I’m not sure. I do know that now we’ll be able to take all of that money we’re saving on daycare costs and buy gasoline with it. Good timing.

Here is a picture of the happy kid waiting for the bus. He wasn’t so happy this evening. Brian asked him if he had an assigned seat to sit in at school. Jacob didn’t understand the question. Brian rephrased it and asked if he had to sit in the same seat when he goes to school tomorrow. Jake was like, “But, Grammy is watching me tomorrow.” Brian told him yes, but that he still had to go to school in the afternoon. After a few rounds of this, Jacob’s response was, “Oh.”