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the weekend thus far

I was off work yesterday in order to set up for a garage sale at my parent’s house. Every year, Portage has a town-wide garage sale day (aka “White Trash Day”). Not to imply that all garage sale shoppers are white trash–that certainly isn’t the case. However, I saw a large enough share of that demographic today to justify my alternative title.

The sale went ok. The rain held off until after 1:00, so most of the shopper traffic had dissipated by that point. We made a couple of bucks, but no where near as much as the last garage sale a few years ago when I sold all of Jake’s baby stuff (playpen, high chair, etc.)

While we were gone, Brian had to fix a leaky pipe in the laundry room. Unfortunately for him, it took most of the day. To top things off, his laptop’s hard drive appears to be, for all intents and purposes, dead. So, he was using my pc to check his email and whatnot. While he was on my pc, he found some incriminating evidence as to what his anniversary present might be. Then, I received a package in the mail today that made things look even more incriminating.

Brian is a stickler for giving/receiving presents on their proper day. But, all of this was just too much for him, so I suggested that we exchange anniversary presents today. He agreed. As it turned out, he didn’t quite get what he was hoping for, but was still rather pleased with the results. I got him a print from an artist he really likes, Ric Stultz. He was thinking that he might have been getting a painting from the guy, but given the price of the print, I don’t think we could afford one of his paintings.

I kind of knew what I was getting for my gift, too. Yesterday, he had to run to United Jewelers to get a few pieces of my jewelry fixed. He mentioned to me that our credit card was coming up as expired there even though it isn’t expired. So, I knew he must’ve gotten me a piece of jewelry because they don’t normally charge us for the type of thing they were fixing yesterday. I got a gold box-link bracelet, by the way. Nice!