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I’ve had it with my car. As you might recall I recently had trouble with my car. Given that, I thought it might be a good idea to check my oil today. When I put the dipstick in and removed it, no oil was showing. This was cause for alarm. So, I drove it over to the garage (they are thankfully close to the house) and they took a quick look at it. They didn’t see any leaks (like last time), but it was 2 quarts low on oil. They said the engine might be burning it. I’m pretty sure that’s not a good problem to have. Anyway, the garage was getting ready to close for the day so my car has to go there tomorrow. ka-ching!

I made an executive decision this afternoon and I’ve decided to get a new car. Financially speaking, I could probably find a better time to do this, but there’s no reason that I should be driving around in a car that could break down any minute. It wouldn’t be so bad if Brian worked in town–he’s not exactly close by if anything bad happens. I’m leaning towards getting a Toyota Corolla because they’re fairly inexpensive and I’ve had pretty good luck with Toyotas so far (at least ones that were under seven years old). I don’t particularly want a Corolla (I was planning on getting another RAV4 for my next vehicle), but it does seem to fit the current bill:

1. the price is right
2. great gas mileage (guess what Brian’s going to be driving to work?)
3. any problems with it for the next three years will be paid for by Toyota
4. that “new car smell”

I decided today that I’d much rather be driving around in a new car even if it’s not exactly what I want versus my current car which might break down at any given moment.

Today’s stress level=HIGH