the past few days

Nothing noteworthy has been going on recently, so that explains my lack of posts.

I did manage to do what no one thought could be done–fatten up Brian a little bit (enough to make him go buy an exercise bike this week and actually use the thing every day). Middle age=middle tire? Good thing we’re heading off the rest of the middle age crisis by buying his motorcycle this year.

Jacob had some excitement yesterday. I got a note from his friend Jake’s mom (Jake goes to daycare with Jacob). They wanted to invite him over for a playdate soon. So, I called her last night and the date has been set for next Saturday. Both boys are ecstatic. I have to assume they’re going to get along just fine seeing that they’ve been playing together at daycare for over two years now, so this could end up being a regular thing for the two of them.

Today, I’m just doing my usual Saturday work–washing clothes and straightening up around the house. Plus, I’m cooking like a fiend. Tomorrow is our annual “Dinner with the Parents” night. Every year at some point after the holidays, we have our parents over for dinner. This tradition started because Brian’s employer gives out a ridiculously large turkey every year at Thanksgiving, so we had everyone over in order to eat the turkey. This year, we had Christmas dinner at our place, so we ate the turkey then. But, the tradition lives on. This year, we’re having an Italian feast. More details to follow tomorrow…