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This evening, Brian and I went out for sushi with our friend Steve. In the past, sushi was never anything I was interested in trying, but I’ve been reading about it lately and a few of our friends seem to really like it so I’ve been wanting to try it.

I had planned on going to a Japanese restaurant when we went to Pittsburgh last fall, but the menu looked too intimidating, so I decided it might be better to go with someone who has a little knowledge about the subject. Enter: Steve.

So we went out this evening to the Sakura Restaurant in Altoona. Brian and I planned on eating only cooked stuff because who really wants to come down with a case of liver flukes? But we did end up trying one of Steve’s tuna rolls, which contained uncooked tuna. Much to my surprise, it was quite delicious. Steve has apparently worked his way up on the sushi ladder–he ate more raw fish for supper than I’ve eaten cooked fish in the last month. I think it would take me quite a while to be able to stomach something like that.

Jake is staying at my parent’s this evening. One one hand, he always looks forward to going there, but when he’s a few days away from staying, he always decides that he might miss us too much so it might just be better to stay home. I told him if he stayed home that he would have to go to a restaurant with us and eat raw fish. His response was that while he wasn’t interested in eating any raw fish, he sure wouldn’t mind watching us do it. Apparently he’s seen too many episodes of Fear Factor. I’m sure this evening’s meal wouldn’t have lived up to his expectations.