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happy birthday, ed

We spent a pleasurable evening at Brian’s parent’s house, observing his dad’s birthday (which is on the 10th). Of course, I define pleasurable as any evening where I get to consume a bunch of citrus-flavored vodka. Yum.

Our niece, Erika, was there. We were hoping Jake would be enticed by that fact and ask to stay the night. Not that we have anything going on tomorrow, but to sleep in would be a nice change of pace (Erika was disappointed, too). Of course, that didn’t work out. He just better not complain about not having anyone to play with tomorrow morning! At any rate, he’ll be staying there in a few weeks, so they’ll be able to hang out then.

Incidentally, today is also Lizzy’s observed birthday. We adopted her from the Humane Society of Cambria County on September 7, 2002 and she was approximately eight months old at the time, so we’ve declared January 7 as her birthdate.

And today is also the Russian Jesus’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Russian Jesus.

And tomorrow is Elvis’s birthday. Happy Birthday, dead Elvis.