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I work at the office on Wednesdays. I rarely make it in on time (I’m 5-10 minutes late, usually), but I’ve been making a concerted effort the past few weeks to get to work on time because they changed breakfast time at the daycare. So, if Jake is to eat, I need to get his butt there early. OK, so I don’t really care about getting to work on time–Jake just needs to get to daycare in time for breakfast. But, if he’s on time, I’m on time, and we’re all happy.

This morning, time was on my side for a change. I went into the kitchen to pack my lunch and looked out the window to see one of our garbage cans blown halfway across the yard. The other garbage can was nowhere in sight. So, half-dressed and with wet hair, I braved the elements and went on a garbage can/lid scavenger hunt and reclaimed our property. (At least I think the cans I reclaimed were ours. Either way, we win.)

Now for my pet peeve. Normally Tuesday is our garbage day. But, Monday was a special holiday here in western PA otherwise known as “First Day of Buck Season”, so the garbage men had the day off and it pushed back pickup by a day for the rest of the week. Otherwise, we could’ve avoided the situation entirely.

I guess it could’ve been worse. Our neighbors lost about a half dozen shingles on their newly shingled roof. I can always buy a new garbage can, but I’d prefer to not have any roofing projects on my plate in December.

Oh yeah, I was 5-10 minutes late this morning.