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wascally wabbit

I was letting Lizzy out after supper this evening when she started barking her proverbial head off. I figured it was probably the one neighborhood kid who always seems to be walking his dog whenever I let ours out. But no, it was a rabbit. A rabbit. In December. I suddenly had a flashback to May and June–the two months out of the year with the worst proliferation of rabbits. Starting in May, there are always rabbits outside–particularly at dusk and dawn. So, I always have to go chase the bunnies away before I let the pups out. You can normally see me around 5am in my PJs chasing rabbits (well, hopefully YOU don’t see me). Not only do I have to chase rabbits out of the yard, but out of the dogs’ sight as well (and this can take me quite a distance). At dusk, I’m normally fully dressed, so feel free to watch and/or help out.

Anyway, I digress…I brought Lizzy in, put on my shoes, and then chased the rabbit out of the yard. Just like in spring/summer.

You know, the only good thing about winter is that I never see any rabbits. If you can’t count on that, what can you count on? But, I guess if the worst thing about the winter is that it is too spring-like, I shouldn’t be complaining.