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sardonic to the point of bitter*

When this phrase* was muttered on Three Sisters, I knew I found a character I could relate to. Three Sisters was a short lived (about one-and-a-half seasons) show on NBC a few years back. Not only did it deliver one of my all-time favorite lines, but it also had a profound influence on our lives–it was the impetus for the Sunday brunch that is now a staple at the house of Law.

The show wasn’t that great to begin with, but a sitcom’s a sitcom, and it did have its moments. The first season was much better than the second, so it’s no wonder the show ended up cancelled. In the second season, they tried to make the ‘bitter’ sister more likable, and the show went downhill from there. What’s wrong with bitter, I ask?

Just daydreaming about the time when there were sitcoms…