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bad santa

Now, that’s my kind of holiday flick. No one’s going to mistake this movie for It’s a Wonderful Life, that’s for sure. The movie was fairly amusing, but pretty much forgettable. Billy Bob Thornton, while a total freak in real life, is actually a pretty good actor. I like him (and Angelina Jolie) ever so much more now that they are divorced.

The whole Santa concept was interesting. I’ve done my best not to perpetuate the whole Santa thing with Jacob, but, as you know, he does have grandparents, so I cannot totally shield him from the myth. I remember figuring out the Santa thing at a very early age–mostly because Santa had the same hand-writing as my mom and stored our gifts under my parent’s bed. And, oh yeah, we didn’t have a chimney for him to come down. Jacob, being the little genius he is, is sure to figure it out himself sooner rather than later. But, we’ll keep going along with the idea as long as is necessary. Just don’t expect to see me at the mall in the line to see Santa.

The Flick Filosopher totally loved the movie, but what do you expect from an atheist?