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pie crust

The youth group at our church was holding their annual apple dumpling fund raiser today. We bought one for each of us. Brian and I are saving ours for “supper”. We’re going to have some hot sausage sandwiches and baked beans while we watch the Steeler game this afternoon and didn’t want to ruin our appetites. Jake, on the other hand, doesn’t have such concerns. So, he went downstairs with it once we got home and ate his in front of the tube.

He brought up his plate when he was done. I noticed that there was an awful lot of pie crust left (like, just about all of it), but the apple was history. What the heck’s the matter with that kid–doesn’t he know that the only reason we eat pie is for the pie crust?!? It is not socially acceptable to just eat pie crust, so we have to eat the fruit that goes along with a pie, just to keep up the facade. But, no, that’s not good enough for “he who must have fruit.” He give up the nutritionally void part of the dessert for the healthier portion.

Apparently, I’m doing something right here, but I’m not quite sure what it is.