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christmas shopping: done

Today, I met my goal of completing my Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving. I had to go to Boscov’s in order to complete it. *gasp* I think I ordered just about everything else through the internet. If only I could get my groceries through the internet, I wouldn’t ever have to leave the house.

There are a few items on backorder, but they are scheduled to arrive before Christmas. Of course, the items I ordered from Brian’s Rickety Ol’ Furniture Shoppe haven’t arrived yet, but I expect them by December 24. I don’t know how that place stays in business…

We normally reserve a weekend around 10 days before Christmas to get our tree, decorate the house, and wrap all of the gifts. I’d do it earlier, but gifts are a lot easier to store when they’re not wrapped. In the meantime, I need to address all of my Christmas cards (which are hand-made this year, by the way) and Brian needs to take a picture of Jacob so that I can send one out with the cards. Oh yeah, there’s also the baking. I don’t make a ton of cookies, because we don’t really get that much company over the holidays. I actually make more dog treats, if you can believe it. I give most of them away to people who love their dogs as much as I do. It’s a lot of fun and Jake likes to help with the baking.