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I can’t believe I forgot to mention this in my previous posts this weekend…My car (Toyota RAV4) was due for a new timing belt. It was to be installed on Friday. While they were working on my car, it was determined that it needed a new serpentine belt as well. But, they didn’t have one in stock so my car is out of commission till they are able to get one (Monday or Tuesday). I think Brian planned it this way so that I couldn’t go to Michael’s while he was gone yesterday and buy another $100-worth of stamping supplies. I got even with him, though. I placed an order for stamping supplies on the internet instead. 🙂

I’m not complaining about my car, though. It is seven years old and has nearly 100,000 miles on it and this is only the second thing that has been wrong with it ever. The first thing occurred earlier this summer and it turned out to be minor (something in the engine needed cleaned). Don’t ask me what. Do I look like a mechanic?

In contrast, Brian had to take his two year old Dodge to the garage the other week. It needed a new distributor cap, spark plugs, spark plug wires, and maybe some other stuff. (Like I said before, do I look like a mechanic?) It was kind of expensive. And, this isn’t even the first thing that was wrong with it. The other thing was at least covered under warranty, though. I was thinking about buying a Ford or Dodge for my next vehicle, but I think I’ll stick with Toyota, thanks. I like having a car that actually runs.

The only real issue coming out of this is that I had to ask various grandparents to take Jacob to daycare and possibly pick him up tomorrow. Lucky for me:
1. Jacob has grandparents that can help out.
2. I work at home on Mondays.
3. The garage (Deyarmin’s) is only two blocks from my house so I’ll actually be able to go get my car when it’s ready.
4. I drive a Toyota, so I haven’t been having car problems for the past five years.