attic project, part 2 continued

Jake stayed at my parent’s last night, so that gave Brian and me an opportunity to finish up our attic project. Assuming all goes well this winter, we should be done up there. Otherwise, we might need to add some more insulation. Time will tell. I’m almost looking forward to some snow just to see if our project worked or not.

That said, everything was put back in the attic, so the library/office space looks about as good as it’s going to. I still have some cleaning to do in the library, but as we found out with the office, that probably won’t make much of a difference.

sometimes i wonder…

…if it might not be cheaper to just buy a new vehicle. My car went to the garage today for some routine maintenance and an inspection. The garage called to say that it also needs some brake-work and new tires. I can almost see my money flying out the window. Granted, brakes and tires are maintenance items, but they don’t come up all that often (unlike an oil change). Oh yeah, Brian’s truck needs new tires as well. Needless to say, between this and our previous expenses, our vehicle maintenance fund has been depleted. Let’s hope nothing else comes up until it has time to replenish itself.

OK, so it really wouldn’t be cheaper to buy a new vehicle unless we were paying out $300+ per month in maintenance costs, but I can certainly dream, can’t I? Unless my car falls over and dies, I won’t be getting new vehicle until Brian’s truck is paid off and that’s a good two-and-a-half years away, so I guess I should get used to it. In the meantime, I’m glad we live only two blocks from our mechanic.

thanksgiving 2004

We spent this Thanksgiving with Brian’s family. His Aunt Phyl and Uncle John hosted this year’s event. They live in Scottdale, PA, which is about an hour and 15 minutes away. There were various representatives from both families there. All in all it was a nice day.

Jake spent most of the afternoon playing with Brian’s cousin Erin and her fiance Justin. Kudos to them because they were playing with him like they were enjoying it. He had a blast. Since Jake was the only kid there, it really made his day.

The only downer today was coming home. We were just about to go up Ligonier Mountain and saw a firetruck blocking the road. As it turns out, the road was a sheet of ice, so it was closed. There had already been an accident on it so I guess they weren’t looking for any more trouble. The firemen told us of an alternate route to get home, which added 45 extra minutes to our trip.

This evening we’re just hanging out and watching television at home–bouncing between the Pitt/WVU game and the NBC comedies.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Let me preface this review by sayin’ that Jacob spent Monday, Tuesday, an’ Wednesday (today) at daycare. Daycare requires naps in th’ afternoon. Jacob dasn’t need t’ take a nap anymore. If he does, then he’s up very late. So, after three days o’ naps…well, ye get th’ picture. So, I thought it’d be a good idee t’ watch a movie this evenin’ since we don’t be havin’ t’ get up early tomorrow. I thought he’d be into it since thar were sea dogs in it, but it unfortunately only held his attention fer an hour.

Anyway, this was a pretty cool movie, from what I can tell. If ye’ve e’er tried t’ watch a movie while a four year old was runnin’ around th’ room, ye’d understand what I’m talkin’ about. Brian particularly liked th’ skeleton buccanneers–nay surprise thar. In honor o’ th’ film, we drank grog and coke while watchin’ it. Johnny Depp be a pretty cool actor. But, this movie does raise an important question–do all buccanneers wear eye makeup?

Th’ Flick Filosopher liked it, too.


Translation provided by Pirate Speak.

gmail anyone?

When I set up my gmail account, I received six (count ’em, six) gmail invites for your emailing pleasure. So, if anyone wants one, e-mail me and you can have one. First come, first served.