Wednesday, June 20

world war z

I heard of this book and was intrigued, given my interest in zombies. When I heard that Brad Pitt was starring in the film (to be released in 2013), my interest was piqued further. I figured it would tide me over until the next season of The Walking Dead.

Unfortunately, I did not like this book at all. It was an interesting concept--it told the stories of various people who survived the zombie war. But, each story was just that--a single short story. None of the stories tied together. And, other than the narrator, there weren't any recurring characters. The narrator was a UN employee who went around the world interviewing people after the conflict was over. The movie sounds a little more interesting in that the main character is going around the world trying to prevent the zombie apocalypse, so I'll probably still check it out even though I did not enjoy the book. Plus, it has Brad Pitt.

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