Sunday, July 31


Because Brian's "so caught up in [me]," he bought me a .38 special as my anniversary present this year, which marked 15 years. Coincidentally, we joined the Portage Revolver and Pistol Club at the beginning of the year. We have a few other guns that we haven't shot in a while and wanted to do some target practice. My Dad joined the club as well because he bought a replica muzzleloader this year and needed a place to shoot it.

In addition to the "club" location, they also have a location out in the middle of nowhere in Portage. That is where we went yesterday to shoot. This was our first time out and it was pretty fun. We even let Jake shoot some of the smaller guns. We're hoping to go back a few more times before the weather turns cold.

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Alienlady said...

Just tell Brian to hold on loosely and don't let go. :-)