Wednesday, July 20

nothing to report

But, I'm going to do a quick report anyway. Since we got back from vacation, I haven't had anything pressing to do, though there's always something to do. I did some weeding outside. I can't say I finished because that work is never done until winter, though things are looking pretty good. We did a bunch of canning/preserving over the weekend (blueberry jam, pickles, and pickled cherries) despite my proclamations that I don't want to can more that one thing a weekend. I also picked the rest of the garlic and made some onion braids. I had some smaller onions, too, and I put those on the storage rack Brian made me at the beginning of the season.

Work has been going ok, too. Though, since we hired the new sales guy, all I have been doing is writing proposals and this week was no different. But, this is a good thing, though I'm a little concerned that a bunch of projects are going to hit at once, but these are good problems to have.

All in all, things have been going great and the weekend is shaping up to be a good one, too.

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