Wednesday, June 8

real birthday

My birthday started off on a bad note. I was outside doing a few things and I got stung by a wasp. But, thanks to Jake's quick fingers, we found a couple of remedies to try and one of them worked. We tried onion, baking soda paste, ice, and Tylenol. I'm putting my money on the ice and Tylenol, but who knows?

After that, things improved. Brian grilled up some food and we had lunch outside on the patio. It was a pretty nice day. For presents, I received more canning stuff (namely a canning cookbook and a pressure canner). I spent a good chunk of time that evening going through the cookbook and picking out recipes. We even ran to the hardware store to pick up some canning jars. Hopefully we'll get to can something in the next couple of weeks--I can't wait to try it!

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