Tuesday, June 14

black swan

Cripes. I've been so busy I haven't had time to blog about this movie, which we watched last Friday. Saturday we had a wedding and Sunday Jake had a belated birthday pool party with his friends at my in-laws' pool. Beyond that, we have been spending time at the office (painting the exterior) and doing some odds and ends at a rental house we bought two weeks ago. So, it's not like I have been busy or anything...

Anyway, I found this movie to be a disappointment. It sounded like it would be right up my alley, so I was careful to not pay attention to all of the hype surrounding it. However, for a thriller, it was not thrilling enough. I guess the overall premise was clever, but I just wasn't into it. Interestingly enough, Brian managed to stay awake through the entire movie (and I'm sure that didn't have anything to do with the gratuitous lesbian sex scene that was part of the film). He liked the movie, by the way.

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